Friday, 11 February 2011

The Scoup with RaindropSoup and... CareMarie!

All right, ladies and . . . gents? Any gents? No? Damn. Well, this month I interviewed CareMarie (my SIC from The LUV'NV). She's an utter sweetheart . . . that's somewhat of a {{--bleep--}} *laughs* I know that doesn't make any sense, but it's true, and I love her to death because of it. Although I call her "wolf girl," she's the author of Broken Hearts and Rodeo Dreams - Edward & Bella, Wild Hearts - Emmett/Paul & Bella, Fates Winding Road - Jared & Bella, Goodbye Is Always Hard - Peter & Bella, Fresh Starts - Alec & Bella + it's sequel New Beginnings (on FB, coming soon to *waves flippantly* Yeah, yeah, another thing that doesn't make any sense as she obviously does more than wolf fics. I may just call her "wolf girl" because you can find her on The Wolf Pack Adventures.

So, meet our full-time the sweet, {{--bleep--}}y, wolf girl and author, CareMarie . . .


RSoup: *smiles* Tell us a little bit about you.
CareMarie: Well let's see. I'm 23. I have been raised on a farm in bum fucked Egypt Nebraska. I love animals as my four dogs – Copenhagen, Garth, Hallie & Tito, four horses – Sunny, Gracie, Chevy, and Zoey, and a chinchilla – Crackphene, which is the only name I can come up with, and six gerbils. Yes, I do use my horses in my stories. When I'm not writing FF, I can be found working out in the barn or with horses. If it's during the summer, I'm usually on the rode doin' rodeo or horse shows. My husband, Justin, and I have been married going on 4 years *scratches head* Holy shit, I didn't realize it has been that short. *cough* *RSoup laughs*I am working on getting my major in AgriBusiness, and yes, when people ask me why I want this major, I do want to bitch slap them. I live in a Agricultural state, so question is, why aren't you getting one? WAIT! No don't, ‘cuz if you did, when I was done with my major I couldn't get a good paying job. And let's face it, I need it with all my critters.

RSoup: *chuckles* Why did you want to become a part of The LUV’NV staff?
CareMarie: I was having some problems with the sites my stories were on, so I was looking for a new place to put them. I was also looking for something... new? Since moving over here though, I've talked to a lot of really nice people, and even found some relation in the family. *Hugs Raina*