Monday, 31 May 2010

The plan

So, I thought that, on certain days there are different posts.

I thought teasers on a Wednesday, Reviews on a Friday and each month a contests page so everyone know what contests are running and when with all the links!

Now then, if you are all for this, please leave a comment of some sort.

Also, I am looking for some members of staff and also a blinkie as well for the affiliates, if you are interested please email the admin team: myself: Miss-Beckie-Louise and Akyria at

Thank you! :)

Sunday, 30 May 2010


So, welcome to my new blog! It’s for everything to do with Non-Canon stories in the Twilight Fandom.

Now, Non-Canon means a wide range of things. Pairings like Bella and Jasper, Bella and Emmett, Bella and Carlisle. Charlie and Esme, Charlie and Victoria etc…

Just pairings that aren’t mentioned at all in the books.

This blog will be full of reviews, interviews, teasers etc. So have fun! Email me if you want to be included with this or if you have any questions or suggestions for this blog.