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Full Time Staff

Bio: I'm 19, single, I live in the UK and the apprentice administrator for a Housing association. I started off this blog as I've always loved something to do with non-canon, so I came up with the blog idea. I'm the administrator for the blog. I came into Twilight fanfiction from a friend of mine Sobriquett, we went to primary school together, and then she got me into Twilight and then Twilight fanfiction and from then on I've been brought into the highs and lows of this fandom.

I live with my parents and my younger brother in the middle of nowhere, mainland UK, I've just left college (senior year in High school, US), and I want to be a published Author.

You can either find me lurking on twitter under the name; miss_bekki_lou, fanfiction: Miss-Beckie-Louise, on Rehab under the same name, or on gtalk with the address under the button's on the left hand side of the screen.

Thanks for looking out the blog, it means the world to me and to the rest of the staff I'm sure.

Bio: Hi, my name is KC/Kitty/Cat...I don't mind which one you choose. I live in the north of England, and I'm an avid reader and writer. I'm also a big movie/music buff...just a well rounded geek, really.  8-)

Bio: I'm Lyndsey, I'm 22, a mom, a misanthropic shut in with unlimited computer access. I have no verbal filter. I say exactly what I am thinking, when I think it. This gets me into a lot of trouble. I don't know how to use semi-colons, and I collect boxes. Best thing about collecting boxes is you can put your boxes in your boxes. I write all sorts of non-cannon, from Peter to Alistair.

Bio: Hey there, I'm Raina or RSoup. I'm 28, a mother to three, and the creator/designer of FTLONC's sister site, The LUV'NV. I love designing things; sites/blogs, graphics, houses, furniture—you name it, I like molding it. Like all of you awesome TwiHards, I'm addicted to Fan Fiction (more obsessed, really). I finally tried my hand at writing, and I'm slightly a nervous wreck because of it. O.o

I think there are tons of talented authors out there who need more recognition, so I interview authors for FTLONC. Have an author in mind? Please email me, and I'll check them out. ♥( ^)(^-^) (Psst … I know it's 'scoop,' but I thought I'd try to be inanely clever, so it's 'The Scoup with RaindropSoup.')

Part-Time Staff

We are taking on Part-Time Staff, so if you're interested please let Beckie or KC know. Thanks!