Sunday, 30 January 2011

One Shots

A Six Foot Request by TheUnderStudy

Pairing: Bella and Marcus

"Official: It's hard to function in the heat, when you miss the cold so much on your skin. I tried to live again, but living became too hard. So I set out looking for death in the only place I could guarantee it. Rate M for language, graphic scenes, and content.
It's takes place ten years after Edward left Bella in New Moon. He never returns and leaves her broken still. This is Bella's tale of the last ten years and the final solution to comes up with to resolve her pain. "


Forbidden Love
by MissAnnBlack

Pairing: Leah and Carlisle

Leah starts to have feelings for Carlisle, but she tries to ignore them. Until she finds out that he has the same feelings.


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