Thursday, 4 November 2010

Rec's with Lifelesslyndsey

Volturi Fics!

 Bella fails to save Edward and is taken in by the Volturi. Aro finds her interesting, but Caius can't stand the power a human has over him.

Rated: M -
Status: WIP
Pairing: Caius & Bella
Reviews: 446

 @Lunar_Eclipse1 I guess you can say that I like how he seems to hate her yet he seems drawn to her at the same time. Even though he thinks she pathetic at first he finds himself sneaking to see her.

       Eternal Nightmare » by cullen's pet 
 Aro laughed again and his smile returned although it was more menacing     than inviting. "That is where you are wrong, dear child. I'm quite sure that you could be persuaded. Are there not more members of the Cullen family?" A horrifying AU ending to NewMoon
Rated: M 
Status: Complete
Pairing: Bella&Alex
Words: 21,551 
Reviews: 255 

Edward has kept a secret, which Rose can't keep anymore. Bella runs off to Italy. Will she find love again or will she go back to Edward? Begins right before the wedding.

Rated: M  
Pairing : Bella&Demetri
Statys: Complete 
Words: 30,041 
Reviews: 524 

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  1. Yesh, we need more Volturi Fics out there. Thanks for Rec'n some =)